I am amazed.

The night before I went to oton to collect my sample, i was uncertain because I was just hopeful I can get some. I was not sure if my sample can be found really in the area and if the people nearby would allow me to pick the flowers. And the fact that I went there with nothing in my hand, no letter for the barangay, no contact to anyone living the place, nothing, gave me a lot of uncertainties.

I only have a verse in my heart telling me that God is God and He created heavens and earth and He is gracious. I went there believing that God would do miracles. I went there becoz God said so. I asked different people where to get my sample. I arrived at the school and found a plant thriving on the wall of the school. I asked the person near the vicinity if I could pick some flowers! Horay!! I was able to get almost 100g of flowers. However, it was not enough for my experiment, i started looking if there were still flowers growing, i found another fence with a blue ternatea. I politely asked the owner if I can pick their flowers. Nicely, she just said okay!

Everything’s OKAY! 🙂 i went home with 200g of blue ternatea. Thank God for a miracle. 👼🏻


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