Until When

Igbaras, Iloilo.

There is always that one thing you’ve been asking from the Lord. You prayed fervently and without ceasing as the Bible tells you. You wait and wait and wait. The clock is ticking, days of waiting seem so long. There would be long hours of praying hoping that when you open your eyes, there would be an answer.

Prayers become like a negotiation. You crumble yourself with desperation for an answer. Doubts would often knock and your soul would question, does God listen?

From that one thing you asked from the Lord, questions arise keeping Him more silent and distant from you. You don’t know. You grave to hear Him. Yet, there is none. You resort to your own solutions rather than an answer. You go through a lot of scratches and errors. Still, nothing.

You asked yourself, until when? Then, with a fainting heart and trembling knees, you bow down, and plea for one last time telling God, please answer. At your lowest point, at your hardest moment, the Lord answers. Until then, you would never find out when.



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