Statues of Love

This is my not-so-good poem. I believe we all undergo struggles and a little down moment in organizing our thoughts but still I just want to share this poem since some of the lines are worth to ponder upon. So, here it is.


In the haven of your thoughts
there is fear,
sorrow and shame.

In the gallery of your heart,
there is hope,
peace and joy.

In the stage of your victories,
there are stories,
praises and trophies.

In your life,
there are more than these.

You have precious stones,
Started from impressions
Polished with memories.

You have the golden ring,
Molded in fire
Tested with time.

You have the diamond carved home
Fancy and fine
Pure and real.

You have the wooden cross,
The best of them all,
That saved you from the fall.

These are your statues of love
That gave you more
So keep it forevermore.


3 thoughts on “Statues of Love

  1. Why on earth did you think that your poem is ”not-so-good poem”. Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. Your poem is wonderful, just believe in yourself after all our Heavenly Father gave us the greatest gifts no one could ever give.

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