The Promises

One of my friends told me that a leap of faith is not based on intuitions but based on the word of the Lord. When we commune with God, the discernment of His plan and the promises are all revealed. The miraculous revelation of His word is the assurance of our faith. God’s direction for us is always the best and only through God’s spoken truths we can find comfort. The Lord is indeed the answer to our weary hearts.

When I woke up, the uncertainties with my chosen job as a Project Assistant in Victorias City, Negros Occ. pierced my heart and I was anxious. A lot of what if’s were bugging in my mind and I was restless. I had no peace. So, I prayed and asked God these specific questions:

Did I decide well for Your glory?

Are you leaving me because I disobeyed you? or are you going with me?

Will you be with me in this journey?

Tell me your promises Lord because if you won’t I might give up easily.

After my short prayer, I opened my daily devotional book hoping to find rebukes, comfort and assurance. There, I was confronted by the truth. The word of the Lord spoke to me with a strong conviction. The promises of the Lord would be my shield in the battle of my anxious heart.



5 thoughts on “The Promises

  1. GOD is a promise keeper especially in times of hardship:
    HE brings us comfort in times of mourning
    He wipes our tears in times of weeping
    HE brings us laughter in times of sadness
    HE brings us joy in times of an anxiety attacks
    HE brings us provision in times of lack
    HE brings us peace in times of distraction
    HE brings us healing in times of illness
    HE brings us solution in times of trouble
    The list goes on and His promises are Yes and Amen…….

    GOD bless you.

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