I Am Afraid.

There are several reasons why people are afraid and for me I am afraid of unwanted affections. I am afraid of motives, intentions, and actions but the Lord knows the heart of a sinful man. I couldn’t be cynical just because I am too cautious.I couldn’t accuse someone just because I am frightened of the presumptions I reckoned. However, I couldn’t deny myself of being too scared.

I felt harassed, attacked and used. And, the scariest part of it, I cannot refuse. I am in the land of the unknown, in the place where evil rules, the wicked prospers, demons prevail, sin dominates. I am scared. I couldn’t tell the fear of being in this land. I wanted to leave, I wanted to escape but God brought me here, in the wilderness, where His word is my mighty shield.

God’s hands are my armor, my only strength to fight the battle. His words are the promises that will keep me through, in moments where I could find myself trembling with fear. His arms are my refuge, the only place where no one can harm me. God’s love is the only reason I will make it, the only way I can get through it, because in times where danger is coming, God rescues.

The Lord I know is not silent. God warns His child and in moments that I couldn’t be more dreadful, I know He will be there to save me. He knows when to show His power.


5 thoughts on “I Am Afraid.

  1. Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first. Whoever is willing to sacrifice his life for God will always be under His protection. God does not remove us from all harm; He uses some harm to move us close to Him. After-all we are nothing but imperfect beings, who are residing on earth with a perfect God as our guidance and protection.

    GOD bless you Aylin.

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