I Can See From Afar

In the land of gold, I see a man walking towards the throne. He has scars all over his body but he has a smile that is everlasting. He wears a crown that he won from his battles. He looks ideal. He is strong, brave and mighty.

But, he is not the prince who would rescue a princess in a castle. He is not the knight in shining armor who would sweep off the feet of a damsel in distress. He is a warrior and often times he is in the battlefield. He looks so invincible that no one could ever defeat him. He seems indestructible.

Yet, his heart is frail. In secret, the warrior is trying, falling, breaking, wandering and most of the time hurting. Often times, in the battle, he would cry for retreat but he does not give up.

When he goes to the battle he is armored with trust and faith. Every time he fights, he plans. He is not aggressive and he knows when to attack. He waits for the right time, prays for the right season, and asks for the perfect moment. He is clever.

He is the man who knows how to fight as he gains wisdom from his wars. He is greatly blessed but still he walks with humility, offering to the sovereign King the victory he wins. And, the King is well pleased.

I can see from afar, everybody is delighted.


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