Virtuous Woman

Written by: Omega 👸

You are a woman of God created for His glory
Truly loved by anyone who knows you deeply
You are adored and praised by many
for making God the author of your story

Like a flower that attracts a hungry bee
Your beauty bloomed exquisitely
You were sought by men who prayed earnestly
asking God to hear their sincerest plea

But the world is full of insanity
and you were once caught in a tragedy
Someone have hurt you badly
and the silence echoed your heart’s agony

You stumbled, fell, got lost in the valley
even then your hope never got weary
The pains were just part of your journey
crafted by God to refine you spiritually

A man saw behind your simplicity
A heart and soul far more worthy
Worthy of love displayed on the Calvary
A love given sacrificially

He waited and prayed for you daily
Hoping he could get past the insecurity
Make you trust him completely
And to love him unconditionally

Yet you saw what He can’t see
He was blinded by love and He wasn’t ready
Easily distracted by his dreams and reality
He couldn’t love you consistently


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