What do I know about life?

16 March 2016

I have been through a lot of places in the country and met a lot of people in different ages. I have shared stories, principles and faith to most of them. I have invested too much and hurt too deeply. Though in the midst of breaking, I learned to love more even to the point that some of the people I met called me naïve. My friends told me I am too kind (even I am just too vulnerable) but life for me is about loving even it hurts.

The first cut, first fall, first love, the beginning of all, is worth of a thousand pain. It is not about the accomplishments, acknowledgements and legacy. This momentary life is not about the search for a fancy romance. This fleeting moment is more than the success of our shallow pursuits, far more than the praises of this world. This life caused too much pain at the cross. This life is a miracle.

Waking up in the morning, I would ask myself how could I possibly go on and yet a light would come and whisper the grace of heaven. A miracle is spoken in a day-to-day basis. A gift is given in every day of life, yet I know a little of this. I am learning, gaining wisdom in this battle, but I know even until my last breath on earth, this would not be enough. Life has its own secrets to tell. I could not figure out now, because Isaiah 55:8 tells us that God’s thoughts belong to Himself and His ways are His ways alone.

The secrets of life belong to God and what I know about life is the truth that I have the eternity to know the answer  to the mysteries with the Creator.


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