A Heart Like Jesus

The idea of having you in my life is always thrilling. I wonder if you are smart, tall and talented. I wonder if you are a doctor, a writer, a singer, or just a good lover (hehe). I hope you are a lot kinder than everyone else. I hope you are responsible and composed. I hope you are a gentleman, a servant leader, a good provider. I hope you already found your purpose and your passion. But, more than anything else, I just hope and pray that you have a heart like Jesus.

It does not matter how talented and grounded you are in the eyes of men. It does not matter if you are praised and loved in this world because the heart for God only matters. I hope you have the heart for the weak and the poor. I hope you have the heart to serve rather than to be served. I hope you work because you have a vision and mission for God’s glory.

I am excited to see you passionately driven, laboring for God’s kingdom. I am thrilled of what you will become in the eyes of God. I will keep praying that you will run the race with faith in the Lord. However, if God would not allow us to meet, I will keep on praying for you still until God’s plan for your life will succeed.

Our paths may or may not cross, we may know each other from a distance or we may not. Nevertheless, I believe God knows you ultimately. He will take control of us. He will keep you safe.


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