God, I Am Your Child

I thought you have forgotten me already. I thought you have forsaken me. Yet, You are with me all throughout, God. You are with me.

I was busy living on my own, forgetting to pray and missing to go to church. However, it is still comforting to know, Lord, that even I cannot go to church, even I don’t serve You at church or do ministries for You, You still recognized me as Your child. Indeed, grace is not limited only for those people who have been faithful at church. Your grace, God, is not limited only for people who constantly show off their service to You. Your grace is for everybody, including me.

Even in my silence, my short and quick utterance of my prayers were heard. Even in darkness when I cry myself to sleep, even in my stubbornness and even in my disobedience, You still see me as Your own child; who once, believed and accepted Jesus as Savior.

Earlier today, I recognized my weakness. I got tired and I drifted away from You, God. I drifted away because I believed I have no time for intimacy. But today, I realized that it is all I needed- intimacy with You. And so, thank You for reminding me that our relationship is always constant, I am Your child, and You are my Father. You are intimately passionate about me. You will never forsake me nor leave me. Thank You, God, for being with me all throughout.

Thank You for cheering me up in my lowest moment today. Thank You for not leaving me all the time.


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