New year

The previous year was overwhelming, but I learned more than I could ever imagine. Each day I felt I was wrestling in between the beginnings and endings of different chapters of my life; the chapter where I found home in a foreign place, the chapter where I was terrified of starting my life all over again, the chapter where grief treaded in my soul for losing a friend, and the chapter where hope encouraged me to continue.
I didn’t know I would get this far – to watch the sky changed in different iridescent hues as I travelled through continents. I didn’t know I would meet people with tender hearts who showered me with wisdom and love and taught me of happiness and healing. I didn’t know pain would cost more if love were more. Never would have I imagined that some darkest days would lead to my brightest tomorrow. Though, I might have dipped into mournful mornings to get through those days, I also laughed and lived to thrive. I visited new places, walked on unfamiliar land and rediscovered myself. I listened to music that soothe the wounds in my chest. I read books that embraced me and comforted me when I felt lonely. I talked to God, who listened to me wherever and whenever I needed Him.
The previous year was overwhelming where I loved and gained more than I could imagine. Each moment felt nostalgic as memories faded into a new year. . .


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