Your arms wrapped in my shoulders
As we said goodbye,
Your touch lingered in my memory,
As I pined for our next hello,
But it seemed it’s a choice
Rather than fate,
To not see you again in the next summer,
Because what could I do
If your heart is caged
For someone else’s embrace . . .
Painted horizon,
In November autumn,
Leaves falling,
Hearts beating,
Unspoken words still hidden,
Unceasingly confounded
Where this is headed,
So I look up the heaven
And ask when,
“Only time can tell,
Until then,
May fate lead us together, again”

When my heart seeks for peace,
I take a long walk,
And find you shining still,
I could hear silence,
While you glow through the dark,
You remind me whatever is broken can now heal.

I dread on days like this
That I would find myself remembering;
The pain of a lost love,
And see my heart wrestling.
So, I breathe deeply
As I smell the winter breeze
I start looking back to realise
Maybe just like before,
Beginnings can still happen
And better days are coming,
Only if I keep going. . .

How I love to watch the heaven’s majesty;
When the night crawls,
Stars start to twinkle,
And the moon stays still,
Though, I have always wondered,
Is it the sky that I always admired,
Or the people who look up to it?


You had the courage to risk for love,
Without reservations you gave your all,
Thought it was an answered prayer from above,
Why then would you hold back?

You were brave to challenge fate,
Believing love would fight for you,
To hold your heart with gentleness and care,
To overcome all trials and uncertainties,

You let down your guards,
To a love you thought would last,
You tried so hard to make it work,
Until you knew love was far gone,

How else could you contest,
When everything you believed were mere words,
Tossed in the wind,
Forgotten and left behind?


Yet, a scarred heart can still Love,
Despite of shattered dreams from the past,
New hope will arrive,
And beginnings will start

Please slow down this time,
Give another chance,
For this will stay beyond,
And Love will make it right again.

With tears in my eyes

I surrendered our love

To the One above

For I believe God knows

The best for us,

He weaves our paths

And leads our ways,

Surely in His time,

His will be done.